Hand In Hand Clarks 1The Orphan Hosting Program for children in the Philippines is a successful way to unite older waiting children with adoptive families.  Many waiting children in Philippine orphanages will never be considered for adoption simply because of their age. One way that the Philippine government has found to be effective to find these children families is to allow them to make a brief visit to the US to stay with potential adoptive families. The families can spend time getting to know the children whom they host, and then later decide if adoption of the host child seems right for them. Even if the children do not end up being adopted, the hope is that they will at least have had a respite from orphanage life for a while and had a chance to visit America.

Summer 2017 Orphan Hosting Program

Hand In Hand plans to have its tenth orphan hosting program with Philippine children during the summer of 2017. The success rate of hosting to placement of these children over the years has been well over 90 percent because Hand In Hand requests that all hosting families be seriously interested in adoption, not just in hosting.

Children Needing Host Families Summer 2017

Philippines Orphan Hosting Program Process

      1. Interested families are recruited. The first priority is for families who want to host and adopt. We will also want some back-up families and these can be just interested in hosting.
      2. Profiles are generated for each of the families which include information on the number, age and gender of the child/children they want to host, plus any willingness to accept any kinds of medical or other issues.
      3. At the same time, staff within the Inter-Country Adoption Board of the Philippines and various orphanages will be choosing children who are good candidates for the program.
      4. Photos, case studies and medical information on each child proposed for the program will be sent to Hand In Hand.
      5. Host families and children are matched together according to what seems the best fit for both of them.
      6. Children’s passports and visas are prepared in the Philippines.  Meanwhile, host/adopt families complete a home study and submit their first immigration filing, since that is a lengthy process.  This allows an adoption dossier to be submitted quickly to the Philippines after the hosting period.
      7. Children arrive in the U.S  for a four-week period and then return to the Philippines.
      8. Families who choose to adopt their host child or children submit a complete dossier to the Inter-Country Adoption Board requesting to adopt that specific child.  If a family decides not to adopt the child they hosted, Hand In hand will assist in finding another family for the child, and discuss other adoption options with the family.

Types of Children in the Orphan Hosting Program

  • Children between 9 and 15 years old
  • Children considered to be good candidates for international adoption, who are legally free for adoption
  • Children who have expressed a desire to be a part of a “forever family”
  • Single children and sibling groups

Orphan Hosting Program Fees

There is a fee* of $3400 for the orphan hosting program which covers the passport, visa, airfare, and short-term medical insurance for the child, plus a portion of the same costs for the escort accompanying the children. This is a tax-deductible donation, since it is for the hosting program and is not directly related to the adoption of the child, and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. The fee may vary slightly depending on airfare costs at the time of ticket purchase.  *Fees for out of state families differ.  Fees may vary slightly based on airline ticket prices at time of purchase.

Requirements to adopt from the Philippines

The Philippines sets a number of requirements regarding families who may apply to host and adopt children:

  • Parents must be at least 27 years old
  • Parents must be married at least three years. (Couples who have been married for one year plus cohabited for several years are also eligible.)
  • Parents must be practicing Christians.
  • Parents must be at least 16 years older than the child, and ideally not more than 47 years older than the child.
  • Singles may also adopt from the Philippines if they are open to a child with special needs.  This typically includes the children who participate in an orphan hosting program whose “special need” is usually their age.
  • Families must have an annual income of at least $40,000.
  • The Philippines also has a “one-year nurturance rule” which says that any biological or adopted child already in the family deserves one year of nurturance from the time of his/her birth or adoption before the family can submit an adoption application to the Philippines.
  • Philippines has a number of other medical and financial guidelines. Contact Hand In Hand’s Indiana office at or 260-636-3566 to discuss your family’s eligibility.

Remaining Philippines Adoption Fees

Remaining costs for a Philippine adoption of one child through this program are $14,700* (excluding transportation and Immigration costs.) If a family has adopted through Hand in Hand before, the costs are reduced by $675.00. At least one parent must make one seven-day trip to the Philippines after the adoption is approved in order to retrieve the child, though the country strongly prefers that both parents travel. Most Hand in Hand families who adopt a child will qualify for an adoption tax credit (which is per child, in the case of a sibling group), which they can apply for after they have finalized the child’s adoption. *Fees for out of state families differ 

Philippines Orphan Hosting Program Agreements

In State Agreement                                                                         Out of State Agreement