Adopting from Brazil

The Brazil Adoption Program is Hand In Hand’s newest adoption program.  We are thrilled to announce that Brazil has made it official and Hand In Hand will be approved to begin helping families who want to adopt children from Brazil. After a nearly two-year long preparation process, our staff is excited and ready to go!

More detailed information is coming soon!

Hand In Hand has worked for children since 1974.  As a full-service agency, Hand In Hand will assist the families on this side of the globe to complete their home study, receive the necessary training, secure their I-800A approval,  send their documents to Brazil, prepare for travel, and complete the necessary post adoption reports.

Brazil Adoption Program Coordinator is Camilla Turquia Gomes:

Types of Children Available

  • Most need is for school age children up to age 15, with the majority between 7-15 years of age, male and female, from healthy to those with minor to moderate medical conditions
  • Sibling groups of any age who are basically healthy
  • Younger children with minor to moderate medical conditions

Types of Families Accepted

  • Couples who have been married for 2 years
  • Single applications judged on a case by case basis
  • Parents must be at least 25 years of age and at least 16 years older than the child they hope to adopt
  • Other children in the home, both biological and adopted, are acceptable.

Travel Requirements

  • Parents will travel to Brazil, stay in an apartment for 5-6 weeks with their child/ren in the city in which the child resides.
  • The adoption is finalized in Brazil.

Time Frames

  • More Information Coming Soon!


About Brazil

More information coming soon!