Q: Is your agency licensed?
A: Yes. We are a 39-year-old non-profit corporation incorporated and licensed in Colorado, Indiana, and Florida. We have placed over 9,000 children over this time period all across the United States.

Q: Is there any restriction on the age of parents who wish to adopt?
A: Minimum age required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service is 25. Most countries impose an upper and lower limit; please see individual country information. Hand In Hand follows the country requirements and imposes no agency minimum or maximum other than that imposed by the foreign country.

Q: Are there any religious qualifications or restrictions?
A: Hand In Hand imposes no religious requirements on its families. However, some countries do. Please refer to country specific guidelines.

Q: Are there income requirements for the adoptive family?
A: It is important that income is sufficient to cover all expenses of the adoption process and of raising the child. Immigration requires that your adjusted gross income be 125% of the United States poverty line. Some countries, such as China, have specific requirements for income and/or net worth. Please check with your local Hand In Hand office for specifics.

Q: I am currently working with another agency for a domestic placement but want to explore international adoption, too. How does Hand In Hand view this?
A: We do not recommend this. You should decide on one or the other. This assures adoptive families and overseas officials as smooth an adoption process as possible.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Fees vary by country. However, most international adoptions range from approximately $17,000 to $40,000 with travel included. Please contact the Hand In Hand Office in order to obtain a specific fee agreement for your desired country.

Q: Do you offer any financial assistance?
A: Hand In Hand has assistance available, on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire with your Hand In Hand office if you need assistance. We use a staged billing system whereby fees are due as events happen in the adoption process. Our fee agreement is specific about when our fees are due. Because Hand In Hand adoption fees are due at various stages of the adoption process, families have a number of months to gather their financial resources. The majority of the fees are due at the time a child is assigned to a family.

Q: What information on the child can we expect?
A: It will vary with the country. Some give a very detailed case history, pictures and videos. Others provide little, other than a current examination record and photo.

Q: What testing is done on the child?
A: It will depend on the country. Most test for HIV and Hepatitis A and B.

Q: Do I/we have any say in the child match process?
A: The final decision rests in your hands. The agency and country attempt to use the information you provide as to the type of child you are willing to adopt. At Hand In Hand, children are our focus. We attempt to locate the best possible family for each available child. A referral will be presented to you for acceptance.

Q: What is the length of travel required for the adoptive parents?
A: Three days to three weeks, depending on the country.

Q: Are the adoptions finalized in the child’s native country or in the United States?
A: Generally, this is done in the foreign countries. However, some countries require that you finalize the adoption in the U.S. courts or validate the foreign adoption. Hand In Hand will assist you in this process.

Q: What if I get pregnant during the adoption process?
A: Congratulations!! Where you are in the adoption process and other variables will determine what course of action to take. Call our placement supervisor nearest you.