Indiana Adoption Office Location and Features

testamonial7The Indiana office for the adoption agency Hand In Hand International Adoptions is in Albion, Indiana.  Albion, Indiana is within 35 miles of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the second largest city in the state.  Albion is a small, quaint town which also happens to be the county seat for Noble County, Indiana.  So when families finalize their adoptions, they just walk across the street to our stately courthouse built in the 1880’s.  Our office is in the lower level of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.  The church graciously gives us office space and plenty of extra space for adoption classes, orientations, and meetings with prospective families (who can bring their other children along because there is a nursery right outside the office where the children can play.)   Albion, Indiana is also home to Chain O Lakes State Park (one of the finest in the state) and Black Pine Animal Park (a sanctuary for wild animals).  Directly across the street from our office is the Brick Ark Inn, a fine bed and breakfast which several adoptive families have stayed at when they have come to Albion for a Hand In Hand event.

Indiana International Adoption Placement and Homestudy Services

IM 2The Indiana office of Hand In Hand is one of a just a few international adoption agencies in the state.  It is the only Indiana agency accredited to work directly with the Philippine government.  It is one of just a couple of Indiana agencies accredited to work directly with the Chinese government.  Hand In Hand can work directly with any family living in Indiana to adopt children from any of the countries with which we work.  We can also assist Indiana families who are using an out-of-state agency for the placement of a child but need an Indiana agency to do their home study and post adoption work.

Though not all these countries are currently open for adoption, since 1995 and the opening of the Indiana office of Hand In Hand, children have come to Indiana from China, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Moldova, Russia, the Philippines, and Thailand.  We are looking forward to the first children who will come here from Bulgaria and Brazil with those new adoption programs!

Indiana Adoption Agency Staff and Experience

Summer 08 248The Administrative Director of the Indiana office of Hand In Hand is Vickie Truelove.  Vickie has been with Hand In Hand since 1995, after convincing MaryLee Lane (Hand In Hand founder and executive director) and the Hand In Hand Corporate Board of the need for a branch of the agency in Indiana.  Vickie and her husband Paul have six children, including five whom they adopted from the Philippines.  So Vickie brings her experience as a parent and as an Administrative Director to all of her work with adoptive families.  Other Indiana staff members with adoption experiences beyond their work with Hand In Hand include Margaret Fisher, our Social Worker, who is a mother to two and also has two adopted siblings, and Rosemary Imrick, our Family Recruiter, who is a mother to six, including three who were internationally adopted.

Indiana Adoption Education and Family Events

Families who live in Indiana are able to get all their pre-adoption education through classes taught monthly at the Hand In Hand office.  Families who complete the classes find real value in meeting with other adoptive families and forming connections that will last long after their children are home.

The Indiana office of Hand In Hand holds a picnic each summer at Bixler Lake Park in Kendallville.  Adoptive families in all stages of their adoption enjoy the opportunity to see other families.  Grandparents come along and brag as fervently about their new family members as the parents do.  In December we also hold a Christmas party at the local school in Albion.  After a carry-in dinner, we hold a talent show which is always great fun.

Indiana Summer Hosting Program for Children from the Philippines

The Indiana office of Hand In Hand has also been active with Summer Hosting Programs for older children from the Philippines since 2007.  Of 45 children who have participated in these programs, 44 found adoptive families!  In the future we hope to expand the hosting program to children from other countries as well.  The Indiana office of Hand In Hand is also very active in finding families for children with special needs from China and for older children, sibling sets, and children with special needs from the Philippines.  Our counterparts in those countries recognize this warmth, compassion and openness found in Indiana families.

Indiana Adoption Office Contact Information

Families who want to discuss adoption can call, email, or set up an appointment to come in to the office at a time convenient to them by contacting us at or 260-636-3566. Many Indiana families are also willing to speak about their adoption experiences and timelines with families interested in starting the adoption process.

Hand In Hand International Adoptions
210-A North Orange St.
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