Testamonial9Florida Adoption Office Location and Features

The Florida office for the adoption agency Hand in Hand International Adoptions is in Ocala, Florida. Ocala, Florida is approximately 75 miles northwest of Orlando, Florida. Ocala is the county seat for Marion County and is located in the central part of Florida. This makes it easy for the agency to provide services throughout the State of Florida. The office is located on the property of the CEO and founder of Hand in Hand International Adoptions, MaryLee Lane.

Florida International Adoption Placement and Homestudy Services

Adoption Russia Pic Hand In Hand gThe Florida office of Hand In Hand is one of a just a few international adoption agencies in the state who are Hague accredited. It is the one of only seven Florida agencies to work with children coming from other countries into the United States. Hand In Hand can work directly with any family living in Florida to adopt children from any of the countries with which we work. We can also assist Florida families who are using an out-of-state agency for the placement of a child but need a Florida agency to do their home study and post adoption work.

Though not all of these countries are currently open for adoption, since 2001 and the opening of the Florida office of Hand In Hand, children have come to Florida from China, Guatemala, Haiti, Moldova, Russia, and the Philippines. We are looking forward to the first children who will come here from Bulgaria and Brazil with our new adoption programs!

Florida Adoption Agency Staff and Experience

MaryLee 2The CEO and founder of Hand in Hand, MaryLee Lane is the executive director for the Florida office. She provides a wealth of knowledge in dealing with international adoptions over the last 40 years. She is well-respected by the foreign governments she works with and has assisted other countries in setting up foster care systems and adoption programs within their own country. She is not only the CEO and founder of Hand in Hand but is also an adoptive parent of five children from China, Russia, and the Philippines. She has a strong commitment to all of the children served by the agency and believes in the philosophy of serving both the child and family from “cradle to grave” with whatever assistance they might need.

Florida Adoption Education and Family Events

Families who reside in Florida are able to get all their pre-adoption education through classes taught at various locations throughout the state and online. MaryLee is willing to work with groups of families who might be interested in adoption as well as one-on-one with individual families. Families who complete the classes together often find great value in meeting with other adoptive families and forming connections that last throughout the child’s lifetime.

The Florida office is looking forward to being a part of the summer hosting program that has been ongoing in Indiana over the last several years. In addition, the Florida office will be offering activities for families to gather together throughout the year to be able to bond and relate with one another about their experiences in adoption.

Summer Hosting Program for Children from the Philippines

Florida families may consider joining the Summer Hosting Program for children from the Philippines.  Hand In Hand has organized Summer Hosting Programs for older children from the Philippines since 2007, organizing the program out of the Indiana office. Of 45 children who have participated in these programs, 44 found adoptive families! In the future we hope to expand the hosting program to children from other countries as well..

Florida Adoption Office Contact Information

Families who are interested in learning more about the possibility of international adoption through Hand in Hand can contact the agency by calling or emailing us at larawebb06@gmail.com or (352) 789-1879. Many Florida families are also willing to talk with potential adoptive families about their experience with Hand in Hand. These discussions often center on their personal experience with the agency, timelines in the adoption process and the rewards of adopting a child internationally.

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