Disclaimer and Permissions

The website for Hand In Hand contains photos of children who have already been placed by Hand In Hand with their loving, permanent families. For each child or family whose image is used on the website, Hand In Hand has received written permission for use expressly on the web site. Adoptive families granting permission to use images on the web site shall not receive monetary or other compensation for such use. Furthermore, adoptive families and children whose images are used on the website are assured confidentiality, as Hand In Hand will not identify the child or family by name or address, other than initials and state of residence.

  1. Such use is not prohibited by applicable State or Federal law or by the laws of the child’s country of origin;
  2. Such use is subject to controls to avoid misuse and links to any sites that reflect practices that involve the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children;
  3. Such use, if it includes photographs, is designed to identify children either who are currently waiting for adoption or who have already been adopted or placed for adoption (and who are clearly so identified); and
  4. Such use does not serve as a substitute for the direct provision of adoption services, including services to the child, the prospective adoptive parent(s), and/or the birthparent(s).

In cases where Hand In Hand publicly shares photos or information on waiting children (such as on our KidsWait blog), we do so only with the express consent of that foreign country’s government or Central Authority.

As an agency, we do not have any contracts or agreements with independent photo-listing organizations. While we do facilitate adoptions for families who may have used these independent photo-listing web sites or located children on the foreign countries’ public databases, we are not affiliated with those organizations and facilitate the adoptions while adhering to the laws that govern that sending country. We do not pay any child photo-listing groups for a referral of a family to Hand In Hand, nor do we receive payment from independent photo-listing organizations.